KineQuantum veut améliorer la kinésithérapie grâce à la réalité virtuelle

In this use of virtual reality, the patient is inside a virtual world where he has to move like a bird (for example). Theses moves are a part a the reeducation program. It is noticed that the patient feels less pain during VR session than during a traditional one. Créée en octobre 2015, KineQuantum veut transformer les usages de la kinésithérapie active où le patient réalise seul des mouvements. Grâce à des casques de réalité…

"KineQuantum veut améliorer la kinésithérapie grâce à la réalité virtuelle"

Virtual Reality for Seniors with Rendever

Sometimes, simplest uses are the best … Renderer is an extraordinary idea to bring “spaces” to people with a difficulty to move. Virtual Reality, and in this case 360° videos, is the best tool to do it. Rendever gives older adults a window to the parts of the world that they’re missing. Source: Virtual Reality for Seniors | Welcome to Rendever

"Virtual Reality for Seniors with Rendever"