Digital Twins in Healthcare – Insights from Atos Experts

In this very interesting discussion with two experts from ATOS company, you will discover what is a digital twin in the healthcare context and how to use it. To get a better understanding of some of the early use cases for Digital Twins in healthcare, I sat down with Niels Thomsen, VP & Global Head of the Insight (IoT & AI) Practice, and David Sele, Consultant and Business Developer – IoT at Atos.  Along with…

"Digital Twins in Healthcare – Insights from Atos Experts"

WHO unveils plans to create a Department of Digital Health

The World Health Organization just announce his plan to create a “Department of Digital Health” with the goal to help countries to understand the power of digital health, potential dangers and ways to implement it. It’s a new and strong signal of the importance of the digital in healthcare. You may also note that WHO develop a special action on data collecting. The Department of Digital Health will, according to WHO, harness “the power of…

"WHO unveils plans to create a Department of Digital Health"

Digital therapy for depression to be developed through pharma collaboration

We see more and more pharmaceuticals industries developing digital “add-on” to classical drugs. In this article Otsuka America explain why it’s important to think “beyond medication” to help patient in everyday life. CT-152 is a software application that will use cognitive therapy principles to treat patients either independently or in conjunction with prescribed pharmacotherapies. It is aimed the product will fall under the Food and Drug Administration’s regulatory framework and be classed as Software as…

"Digital therapy for depression to be developed through pharma collaboration"

AI in healthcare? 
Ask the patient

It is always a good idea to ask the patient what he or she thinks about “new” technologies used in healthcare. In this case, a survey has been done about the use of AI and patients are not so happy with this 🙂 Today, thanks to digital information, patients are not so uninformed about their diseases and they want to be “active” in their treatments. But they also need a human to talk with! It…

"AI in healthcare? 
Ask the patient"