Meet The Companies Using VR To Treat Coronavirus-Related Stress And Anxiety

In this article, Simon Chandler presents some VR software used today to fight stress due to actual pandemic. Both COVID patients and healthcare professionals use AR and VR to do meditation and relaxation. What’s significant about the use of VR and AR for anxiety relief is that both offer a greater sense of reality and immersion than, say, conventional meditation or mindfulness practice. It’s largely for this reason that figures working within the AR/VR industry…

"Meet The Companies Using VR To Treat Coronavirus-Related Stress And Anxiety"

Leveraging Virtual Reality In Skilled Nursing Facilities

In this article Joel Landau (founder of “the Allure Group”) explains the implementation of VT technologies in his company and why he thinks it’s a game changer for the skilled nursing facilities. As VR technology continues to improve, incorporating additional sensory engagement modalities will increase the range to which VR can be applied. I see an opportunity for care facilities to care for and engage residents with cognitive and behavioral deficits through VR. By identifying…

"Leveraging Virtual Reality In Skilled Nursing Facilities"

Alcove on Oculus Go

Alcove is an application available for free on Oculus Go. It’s not exactly a health application but it’s easy to imagine uses for wellness, meditation or simply encourage relationship between different people, for example for link with elders ones. Enter your family corner in VR, and bring your dear ones – young and old inside a virtual world filled with immersive experiences across entertainment, family, travel, health and wellness. Imagine swimming with dolphins in the…

"Alcove on Oculus Go"

Is virtual reality the next frontier of Alzheimer’s diagnosis?

A research team of Cambridge University published an article last month about the use of VR to test development of dementia. For example, a simple VR test of navigation could help physicians to detect signs of Alzheimer’s disease earlier than with standard cognitive tests. VR technologies could also help to test more accurately specific drugs for the disease. Doctors diagnose dementia in around 10 million people every year, and 60–70% of these new diagnoses detect…

"Is virtual reality the next frontier of Alzheimer’s diagnosis?"

Is Virtual Reality the ultimate empathy machine for racism?

In this article Jeremy Bailenson, co-producer of 1,000 Cut Journey movie talks about the real action of VR on people behavior, especially if they are “as though they are in the body of someone else”. The Virtual Human Interaction Lab at Stanford University and the Cogburn Research Group at Columbia University shown that is possible to increase empathy for others with the use of virtual reality. The most important factor to get best results is the…

"Is Virtual Reality the ultimate empathy machine for racism?"

Augmented Reality Positioned to Disrupt Children’s Health

Stayhealthy, a Californian company, has chosen to use AR to help children to better know their own body and health. With the application “Color Quest: an Art Adventure” they allow allow children to understand many things by gaming! The company has spent the last twenty years aggressively pursuing science-based research to define the best way to use advanced technologies to give people a better understanding of their own personal healthcare. With a new generation of…

"Augmented Reality Positioned to Disrupt Children’s Health"

Physiological Monitoring During Augmented Reality Exercise Confirms Advantages to Health and Well-Being

In this very interesting study about the use of AR as a way to encourage physical exercices, authors demonstrate that results are clear and mesured. AR helps the gamification of exercices and increase the implication of users. The immersion helps also to make exercices for a longer time. This study successfully showed that inexpensive easy-to-use AR systems can effectively contribute to exercise programs. Future game design recommendations, including feedback, mixed reality, and stress tracking, are…

"Physiological Monitoring During Augmented Reality Exercise Confirms Advantages to Health and Well-Being"

Virtual reality for the elderly

BuildVR has made Solis solution to help elderly to travel with augmented reality. Five kinds of videos are available, linked to particular therapies. People in the experiment is not alone, but be accompanied by medical staff. Already implemented by many aged care facilities across the country, Solis is an easy-to-use virtual reality application created for the aged care industry. Utilising visual navigation, dual screen accessibility and delivering 5 video categories relevant to aged care residents, Solis…

"Virtual reality for the elderly"

Virtual Reality for Seniors with Rendever

Sometimes, simplest uses are the best … Renderer is an extraordinary idea to bring “spaces” to people with a difficulty to move. Virtual Reality, and in this case 360° videos, is the best tool to do it. Rendever gives older adults a window to the parts of the world that they’re missing. Source: Virtual Reality for Seniors | Welcome to Rendever

"Virtual Reality for Seniors with Rendever"