Virtual reality allows multiple scientists to ‘walk’ through cancer cells

As you may known, 3D cell environments are very relevant to test drugs as its mimic human body much more precisely than 2D experiments (It’s why we develop BIOMIMESYS® in HCS Pharma). But to understand drugs action and efficacy you also need 3D visualization tools. In this article, you will discover how a team from UNSW Medicine and Children’s Cancer Institute use immersive devices to explore data. They can literally “walk” inside tumors to see for example how drugs enter cancer cells. As Professor Maria Kavallaris says, it is a new way to understand mechanisms and to imagine how to increase treatment efficiency.

Kavallaris, a leading cancer biology researcher and nanomedicine expert, says tracking 3D cells in tumours can show scientists what happens when cells move in real time – information that can be used when looking at the spread of cancer. “We have never had access to something like this before. We hope it will help scientists better understand how and what happens if you interfere with a genetic process and add certain drugs.

Source: Virtual reality allows multiple scientists to ‘walk’ through cancer cells | UNSW Newsroom

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