ARveo microscope from Leica Microsystems : a single field of view with all data

Leica Microsystems presents a new microscope dedicated to neurosurgery. This device gives all visual information in a single field of you in front of surgeon. With the help of augmented reality, he can view fluorescence images directly on the patient and go to different pictures without interruption. Cutting edge view of ARveo digital augmented reality microscope marks a new generation of integrated rich information instruments Source: News Details: Leica Microsystems

"ARveo microscope from Leica Microsystems : a single field of view with all data"

Schizophrénie : “être prisonnier d’une autre réalité”

Dans cette campagne de sensibilisation la fondation Pierre Deniker à pris le parti d’utiliser la réalité virtuelle comme illustration de la schizophrénie. Le résultat est particulièrement parlant et fait immédiatement rentrer dans la vision du malade. L’objectif de cette campagne est la déstigmatisation de la schizophrénie”, nous explique la responsable de communication du projet. “Il s’agit d’une maladie assez répandue, puisqu’elle concerne 1% de la population – c’est plus que la maladie de Parkinson ou…

"Schizophrénie : “être prisonnier d’une autre réalité”"

How Does Medical Virtual Reality Make Healthcare More Pleasant? 

Virtual reality and other immersive technologies has many uses in healthcare, and you can discovers some applications here. Medical virtual reality goes entirely against conventional beliefs about technology making healthcare less human, less empathetic and less caring. Virtual reality teaches empathy to med students, makes vaccination for children more sufferable, helps get rid of fears by treating phobias, relieves chronic pain or fulfills the last wishes of the dying. Source: How Does Medical Virtual Reality…

"How Does Medical Virtual Reality Make Healthcare More Pleasant? "

AI in healthcare? 
Ask the patient

It is always a good idea to ask the patient what he or she thinks about “new” technologies used in healthcare. In this case, a survey has been done about the use of AI and patients are not so happy with this 🙂 Today, thanks to digital information, patients are not so uninformed about their diseases and they want to be “active” in their treatments. But they also need a human to talk with! It…

"AI in healthcare? 
Ask the patient"

Virtual Reality Can Help Women Get Through Childbirth With Less Pain

In this article Dr. Anderson explains how VR can help mothers to deliver child with less painkillers. Even if it is not a solution for everyone and it should be used with other methods, it permits decrease drugs needs.   He said that although he already helped more than forty mothers deliver their kids with VR, Martucci’s case was the most successful. She had the VR device on for the longest time, and she could go…

"Virtual Reality Can Help Women Get Through Childbirth With Less Pain"